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The Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief is a partnership of many institutions and organizations. As partners, we combine our assets and strengths to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available to hunger relief organizations. In the process, we provide formal and informal educational opportunities to the community regarding large-scale food production.
PeachesCommunity Orchard Harvests

Colorado State University has received national recognition for its deep engagement within local communities and its role in solving community problems through civic engagement. This recognition for its community engagement is evident in the support CSU has given to hunger relief efforts in Mesa County. All of the available apples and peaches grown at the Orchard Mesa Station will be directed to hunger relief agencies in Mesa County. The Community Alliance organizes volunteers to help bring in the harvest. Fruit is sent home with volunteers and directed to hunger relief programs, giving people the opportunity to both participate in and benefit from the community harvest projects. If you or your organization are interested in participating in community harvests, please visit the Volunteering tab to see the date and time of the harvests or contact us through the contact page.