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Girl sitting in forested area
Eureka! camper taking a break in the “forest” for some creative play
On the Farm

The orchards and fields of the Western Colorado Research Center at Orchard Mesa lend themselves to use as an outdoor classroom for hands-on learning in food, agriculture, natural resources, healthy eating, and civic service. We host schools and organizations in the spring, when students plant in our greenhouse and fields. In the summer and fall students harvest and taste fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce is donated to area food banks and given to their school cafeteria in partnership with SD51 Nutrition Services. We also partner with the Eureka! Science Museum to provide day camps in agriculture and cooking.

Field Trip Overview

If you are a school and would like to visit, please schedule a field trip through the Eureka! website.

If you are affiliated with a youth organization such as Girl or Boy Scouts, church youth group, or a homeschool group, please contact us for more information through this FORM.

Supporting your Problem Based Learning

We have partnered with many schools in providing real-life application of students’ problem-based learning (PBL) projects through field trips to the Research Center. We can provide more context to the field trip by visiting your classroom prior to or after your visit to support learning in food, agriculture, natural resources, and healthy eating. 

Spring Field Trips

Why Spring?

Spring field trips to WCRC-OM typically take place March through May, during our planting season. Students will have the opportunity to plant vegetable seedlings in the fields and learn about topics like plant science, agriculture, or pollinators. We aim to bring all students back for a fall field trip to harvest what they planted!

Spring field trips work best when students revisit in the fall! When inquiring about a spring field trip, consider reserving a follow-up field trip in the fall. Schools register through Eureka! Youth groups of less than 25 students inquire HERE.

Fall Field Trips

students loading harvested food into a school bus
Why Fall?

Harvest season at WCRC-OM takes place from July to October. Fall field trips usually happen in August, September, and October. Students will have the opportunity to harvest seasonal vegetables and fruits that will donated either to food banks or to their own school cafeterias! Students can then head to our teaching kitchen to try different ways of preparing vegetables and fruits. We can also incorporate lessons about healthy eating/nutrition, local food, or civic service.

Fall field trips work best with students who have already visited in the spring! Schools register through Eureka! Youth groups of less than 25 students inquire HERE.

Volunteering with Family

young boy lifted up to reach a peach in a tree

We love Families

We love having families volunteer with us. Whether in our small gardens or harvesting crops for food pantries, we have lots of fun learning spaces that provide positive experiences around healthy food, nature, and giving to others.

Please visit our volunteer page to get on our mailing list.