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The Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief is a partnership of many institutions and organizations. As partners, we combine our assets and strengths to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available to hunger relief organizations. In the process, we provide formal and informal educational opportunities to the community regarding large-scale food production.


The Community Alliance is built on volunteers.  Explore the tabs to find out the kind of volunteer opportunities we have.  Children and adults of all ages have a fit.  Our volunteers contribute directly to the community by increasing the amount of food available for hunger relief.  As such, volunteer hours spent here qualify for service hours required at many area schools.  To sign up to volunteer, you can either send an email with your general interest or sign-up to volunteer on a specific date using the form below.  This form is updated every two weeks (during the busy season).

Fruit Harvests

We rely on the community to help harvest our nine acres of apple and fruit trees on weekday nights and on weekends in August and September.  This fruit goes directly to food banks and volunteers get to take some home as well. We never send volunteers up on ladders and minimize the amount of weight they have to carry.  If you are interested in joining a harvest, sign up on our form found in the overview tab.

Vegetable Harvests

Summer cucumber harvest

We need volunteers to help bring in the harvest throughout the growing season.  If you are interested in helping, sign up on our form found in the overview tab.

General Work

We need helping hands from April to September.  This may include planting fields, thinning out apples (to give room for the big ones), and weeding.  Send Amanda an email with your interests and availability.