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The Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief is a partnership of many institutions and organizations. As partners, we combine our assets and strengths to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available to hunger relief organizations. In the process, we provide formal and informal educational opportunities to the community regarding large-scale food production.


You walk into a grocery store and see labels everywhere.  They help us make choices about the food we buy.  To give that same power of information and choice to consumers at food pantries, we  have developed labels that accompany the fruit and vegetables that are donated by the Community Alliance.  These labels were developed by Ann Duncan, the Family and Consumer Science agent with CSU Tri-River Extension.  These labels contain helpful information about how to select, store and use the produce, as well as a simple, healthy recipe with nutritional information.

These labels are free for any food pantry to use, regardless of whether you receive produce donations from the Community Alliance.  Please explore under the “Produce Cards” tabs to see which ones Ann has developed to-date.  If you would like to have an electronic copy of any or all of these labels without the watermark, please visit the “Get the Cards” to send us a request.  We will email an electronic version of the file for free.  We have employed this distribution system in order to assess whether these labels are useful to food banks and food pantries and whether they encourage consumers to select more produce.

Produce Cards

Please explore the produce labels we have to date.  To acquire an electronic version of the labels without the watermark, please contact us through the “Get the Cards” tab on this page.
Please look below for the following pictures!


Peach Nutrition Card

Leafy Greens Nutrition Card

Potato Nutrition Card

Zucchini Nutrition Card

Pinto Beans Nutrition Card

Sweet Potato Produce label & recipe card

Winter Squash produce label & recipe card

rutabaga and turnip cardEggplant produce card

Get the Cards

To request electronic versions of the produce cards to be sent to you via email, please fill out this google form.  Amanda will send you the cards asap.  Thank you!