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The Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief is a partnership of CSU and many organizations. We combine our strengths to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available to hunger relief organizations. In the process, we provide formal and informal educational opportunities to the community regarding large-scale food production.

Farm to Foodbank

Fruit and Vegetable Production and Donation

Seasonal fresh vegetables are among the hardest foods to acquire by hunger relief agencies. Since 2017, we have grown and directed over 346,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to food banks and pantries across 14 counties in Western Colorado.  We harvest and donate the fruit growing in the orchards at the Western Colorado Research Center. We also cultivate four acres of produce for donation. Our fields and orchards to help address food insecurity in Western Colorado, provide a setting for farm-to-school programming, and allow us to offer unique, work-based training in small scale food production.

Our paid vegetable production interns manage four acres of vegetable, managing every aspect of production from planting to delivery. Our interns gain unique experiences in teaching visiting students and leading teams of volunteers, all while providing a valuable civic service. Intern positions include an emphasis on engaged scholarship and practical training to ensure a variety of learning outcomes. If you would like to join us, please contact us regarding job openings or check out potential work-based training internships with our partners at the Mesa County Workforce Center.

Engaged Scholarship




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