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The Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief is a partnership of CSU and many organizations. We combine our strengths to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available to hunger relief organizations. In the process, we provide formal and informal educational opportunities to the community regarding large-scale food production.

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What’s new with the Community Alliance and Western Colorado Research Center?

Ever wonder what we do in the winter? Curious about when orchardists prune peach trees vs apple trees? Interested to hear more about Community Alliance program updates?  Tune in here! We will try our best to these posts current and interesting!

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Winter pruning — apples

December and January are pruning months for apple trees. Apples are hardy and can handle the cold. Peach tree pruning is delayed into the spring to avoid cold injury and control cytospora – a fungus that is very impactful to our peach industry. Learn more about why and how orchardists prune this month… Why prune? […]

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